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Putting a Stop to Spam on WordPress Dot Org Blogs

There is nothing that is more time wasting or annoying as getting a tonne of spam in your comments on WordPress.org blogs. There are, however, ways that you can put a stop to this kind of spam and it’s not as difficult as you might think. It is also a good powerful asset to your blog that uses the power of Facebook to drive viral traffic to your blog.

Blogging – Why Is It Necessary for A Business to Thrive?

The very first step for a person after starting a business is to get a website developed for it, without which, a business hardly gets any real-time visitors in the present scenario. Once you get the same done, you are not free. Yes! Because, you need to do marketing and marketing can be done in innumerable ways since evolution has taken place in technical as well as speculative terms.

The 1 Reason You Will Always Have Something Interesting to Blog About

Recently I’ve heard a lot of people say they are unsuccessful at blogging. I’m writing this post now to share some hard truths about why that idea is wrong. Whether it’s something you learned a long time ago, or something you learned a few minutes ago, there will be someone willing to read it.

Two Simple Approaches to Writing a Great Blog Post

There are many ways to write a blog post that will attract clients, but I’m going to share two methods that are used most often. THE ORGANIZED APPROACH.

Which Is Better Long Blog Posts or Short Blog Posts?

If you search the internet for what the perfect blog post length is you will find conflicting information. Some will say longer is better and some will say shorter is better. Hopefully this article will shed some light on what is best.

Top Tips For Successful Blog

With such a large number of astonishing expressions, legacy and innovative sites out there as of now, how would you make yours emerge? How would you get individuals returning for additional, and how would you build guest numbers and manufacture a dedicated succeeding?

How to Write 6 Figure Blogs

Yes, it’s possible! Blogs can generate a six-figure salary. Many sites have been exceptionally lucrative since the inception of blogging and the keys to success are simple.

Blogging for Money!

Blogging is an old and tested marketing strategy. Recently I went through the MLM traffic formula course from Mike Dillard and the base of their teaching is about creating a blog in which they call their “nerve centre”. In the course this is the centre of your business, the home base of operations which you want to turn into a lead converting machine.

Writing the Blog Article of Your Life: How One Idea Can Get You Hired by a Top SV Venture Fund

It may be hard to believe, but because of the ideas raised in his blog entry, Max Skibinsky was offered a partner position at Andreessen Horowitz, a top Silicon Valley Venture Fund. Whether you are interested in startups and angel investing, or you’re just beginning your experiments with blogging, this article will help you to assess what it takes to write an influential blog entry.

Whether You Need A WordPress Hosted Website, Or You Can Buy A Domain And Point It To WordPress

Whether to use a WordPress made website on a sub domain provided by WordPress, or to use your own website, on your own domain name. This article approaches the advantages and disadvantages of either approach.

How to Curate Content To Engage Your Readers

Many people have heard the term “curated content” and scratched their heads in puzzlement over this strange and exotic phrase. What does curated content mean? In this article we will explain the steps that make up excellent content curation and describe the traits of a skilled content curator.

People-Watching From The Blogosphere

To avoid being self-righteous blowhards, pundits should understand that audiences are more interested in a story than an opinion alone. People have opinions already, but everyone likes a good story.

Ray Higdon’s Tips on Successful Blogging

Ray Higdon’s Tips on Successful Blogging. Some tips that I found from Ray Higdon, Blogging is meant to be from a single source and when you look at good blogging.

Passive Income Streams You Can Set-Up On A Blog: A Simple Guide For Beginners

If you own a small blog and receiving some traffic from different sources, you can easily create some passive income streams on your personal blog. It may sound surprising, but one can make a decent amount of money even from a personal blog, without selling anything. There are so many methods you can follow to earn money online. Some methods are very simple and doesn’t need anything special to start with. Some methods will even make you money with a free blogging platform like blogger.com, weebly.com, webs.com and so on. However, you can increase the earnings with a premium domain name and a hosting dedicated for the blog, but these are not absolute necessities. Here, you will explore more about setting up different income streams on a personal blog. Anyone can do this; however, he needs to start with the focus, dedication and of course, with a specific goal!

How to Build An Authority Blog

An authority blog is a site that people can trust and want to link to. This article includes tips on how to build an authority blog.

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