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Yt Evolution

If you are looking for other way of blogging without worrying about content and posting it manually on your blog website, then I recommend YT Evolution. It is an Autoblogging with automation WordPress Plugin which has the capability to create a blog content and posting it automatically to your website in minutes. It has 5 sources of content (Free and Paid) integrated inside of this plugin. After setting up everything, you may set it and forget. Chris has extensive training from buying reliable hosting up to submitting to Google Console for Ranking, applying to affiliate networks and placing those links into your affiliate blog website. For more details, visit the site below.

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Article Forge

Article Forge is no other from any Article Generator online, but if you want unique, high-quality and seo-optimized articles, then AF is different from those article creator software. Article Forge Uses AI To Write Entire Articles With The Same Quality As A Human Writings. Whether you are writing yourself, hiring others, or even using an AI writing assistant - long form content can be expensive and time-consuming to create. But, backed by over ten years of AI research, Article Forge is the first and only tool that can research, plan, and write long form content automatically. With a single click, you'll get an entire 1,500+ word article that is unique, well written, and on topic, drastically cutting down the time and money needed to create content. Visit their website and see samples below., free online rewriter, rephraser, summarizer


From the word "rewrite", this cloud software is able to produce more than 500 articles from a single article. You already know that quality unique content does wonders for your Google rankings. You also know that such content takes ages to write — or it costs you an arm and two legs if you hire someone to write it for you. Spin Rewriter saves you both time and money. It takes a single article and turns it into dozens of 100% unique, human-quality articles. All these unique articles will let you rank higher, and for more profitable keywords. Visit their website for Free trial.

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Some people are saying that email marketing is dead. It maybe true and may not, but one thing I know that many businesses are earning millions to billions through this marketing strategy. And using marketing tools or software can supercharge your marketing strategy and workflow to grow your business. Getresponse is one of those email marketing services that has a robust and reputable status in this industry. Recently, they launched additional features to their system which is the marketing funnel builder and using Ai assistant, you can easily create lead and sales funnel with pre-built content templates and you just have to customize it. Go check it below and see more awesome features Getresponse has to offer. Actually, they have a great plan for you to get started by signing up for Free and using their system for lifetime. Visit their website now!

Youtube Research Software - Tube Atlas

Tube Atlas

Youtube is an absolutely powerhouse when it comes to getting traffic, leads and sales. In fact, Youtube gets over 14.3 Billion visitors per month making it the second largest search engine on the planet! So, there is a never-ending supply of incredible data available on Youtube right now. The problem is .. "How to analyze that data FAST" To uncover the top earning videos on Youtube, you have to first search for your main keyword and scroll through thousands of results recording the number of views and other data per video.The videos with the most views are the ones that generate the most ad revenue .. and traffic. As you can imagine, this can take FOREVER! Until now ..With the NEW Tube Atlas software, you can simply enter a keyword or surf YouTube with the built-in web browser .. click a button .. and BOOM .. you instantly get 25 columns of powerful data you can analyze. You can instantly see the total ad revenue per video, the total views, likes, comments, subscribers, tags, ad revenue per day, and top earning videos. Tube Atlas is packed with 12 built-in tools that can reveal a treasure trove of data from UNLIMITED videos and channels. You can ALSO convert videos to text and LEGALLY use the content in your own marketing ..Convert the content to blog posts, email promotions, ebooks, articles, new videos, social posts. To see this amazing software in action, watch the demo video below.

Keyword Research Software - Keyword Atlas

Keyword Atlas

If you need Top-Ranked & Highly-Searched keyword phrases for your business,then you have to check out this AWESOME new keyword software.. it's something you've NEVER seen before!In just a few minutes you get THOUSANDS of highly-ranked keywords from up to 21 different sources! You can extract keywords directly from - Major Search Engines(Google, Bing,Yahoo, etc.), Major Video Sites - Youtube, Vimeo, Google Video),
Ecommerce Sites (- Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba), Other Major Site(Google Play Store, Wikipedia)
In addition, the software provides a unique way to determine how valuable the keywords are across the selected keyword sources! In fact, this doesn't rely on keyword search volume, because keyword data is changing minute to minute, and most services that charge monthly fees provide search volume data that is usually weeks or months old!With Keyword Atlas, you get an indication of how powerful the keywords are in REAL-TIME at this exact moment! The data is NEVER outdated and never retrieved from an online database. See it yourself now by visiting the website below..

Pin Inspector

One awesome and very effective trick for finding potential top sellers for your online business/store is to uncover products that are not saturated in the market, but are still selling very well. One method is to head over to Pinterest and search through related pin & video posts that have a high number of saves and repins (ones with the MOST traffic). In addition, you can take advantage of Pinterest's Trends section to help you see top trending search phrases over the past year. BUT .. there is a BIG problem with that method! Unfortunately, Pinterest hides a LOT of data while you're searching through their website.. until now!
With the all-new "Pin Inspector" software you can simply enter ANY keyword and extract 47+ data points for EVERY post on Pinterest. You can instantly see the TOP saves, repins, comments and even every type of user reaction such as .. number of "thanks", "wow", "Love", .. etc. Not only that, with the Trends tool, you can extract a year's worth of search volume index for EVERY search phrase in one easy-to-see data grid! (this has NEVER been done before) Plus, with the all-new "Browse & Scrape" technology, you can
extract the data for ALL the ads in your Pinterest Feed! Imagine knowing what ads in your Pinterest feed are getting the most saves and repins with a click of the mouse? That data is SO valuable you can sell it to clients for TOP dollar! .. and with Pin Inspector you also get commercial rights to sell data reports to your clients and keep 100% of the income! Visit their website now and use this powerful tool.

Amazon Research Sotware - Amasuite5

AmaSuite 5

The root of the problem is a lack of research and knowledge of what to sell and promote. Whether that is from the massive amount of time proper research takes or the lack of confidence in the shaky data that has been thrown together, lack or research and information has always been one of the gaping holes in unprofitable Amazon businesses. Luckily, 2 successful entrepreneurs have not only noticed this problem, but have come together to create the easiest solution possible. Chris Guthrie and Dave Guindon have worked together to create the ultimate toolkit for Amazon sellers and affiliates that will guide, step by step to running the successful Amazon based business you dreamt of when starting out. This toolkit is called AmaSuite 5 and you’ll be kicking yourself down the road if you don’t check this out today. Come and see how it works to ease your life and grow your business.