DFY Blog Website Service


Done-For-You Niche-Based Blog Website




Done-For-You Niche-Based Blog Website

I’ll set up YT Evo blog website for you.


  • I’ll set up my Pro YT WP theme on your web host.
  • Pick any niche (no adult, gambling, or casino)
  • I’ll Create an entire theme-based website.
  • Add a custom background image.
  • Optional using my Autoblogging Tool or your own content.
  • Set up YT channels and/or playlists with 20 Articles.
  • Add banners to a site (usually from your Affiliated Program)

>Your site will be monetized thru your affiliate products, courses, digital downloads, or any online store. Etc.

>Domain name and Webhosting are not included in this package but are required.

-TLD Name Extension – ex) .com, .net, .org, etc.

-Webhosting Services – ex) Hostinger, Namecheap, Siteground, Bluehost

-Management & Maintenance of your site is not included. If you want me to do that, the charges apply.

All work is done in-house. I don’t outsource so you know your information is safe. I personally inspect every website created. After turning over the site, you can delete my access role.