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Proven Strategy To Successfully Make Money Blogging

Making money from blogging is as simple as these three steps. Blog daily, tell others and get paid. Don’t believe me. Read for yourself.

SEO – How to Get Links to Your Freelance Writing Blog

Freelance writing or blogging allows you to be creative and spend time honing your writing skills. A freelance writing blog lets you have an online presence and reach if you are willing to understand the importance of link building.

Top-Quality Content Has No Inhibitions

In the beginning of your content-sharing journey, you make a wonderful first impression with the quality of your content. Of course, over time, you will need to maintain that top quality. In order to accomplish that consistently, you will need to put your inhibitions aside and give your readers something really valuable.

How Do Blogs Make Money? The Truth Revealed

If you’ve ever tried to market online and perhaps you’ve asked yourself, “how do blogs make money”… because YOU’RE getting nowhere, it’s not your fault! I used to think that blogging could make me money on the internet.

How Money Is Made Using Your Blog

So, you’ve been thinking of authoring a blog for a while and you’re at last ready to jump in. Here is a bit by bit plan that will help you succeed in making a constant income off of it… First you have to decide what you wish your blog to be about. What are your concerns? Since you’re going to be spending much time working on it, it ought to be something you’re passionate about. Anything at all.

Knowing When to Use Gated Content

It is very possible that many people are not familiar with the term “gated” when it comes to content marketing. There are advantages to using gated content under certain circumstances and it is important for you to understand when to use it and when it should not be used.

The Main Pros and Cons of Google Blogger

Whether you want to use blogging to share your knowledge and opinion online or to earn extra cash, you will need a dependable platform to build your website on. One of the largest free platforms at present is Google Blogger.

Does A Blogger Really Blog Only for Passion

Do you believe that blogger is doing blogging for passion only? Well not really. But if they are not doing it for real world pleasures, then why are they doing it? This article suggests a few reasons why.

10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog!

Driving traffic to your blog or website requires a carefully crafted strategy. Out of so many, ten effective ones are discussed here.

Why Consistent Blogging Is Essential to Page Ranking

Everyone knows that having a blog can help boost your SEO. What many people don’t realize is that having professional copywriting services do the content writing for your blog may be better than writing your own. It isn’t just a matter of having keywords in a post anymore, the search engines now have a list of things they look for to rank the validity of a post.

3 Tips for Writing a Killer Blog Post

There are a million different way to write blog posts, but there are 3 things that every killer blog post MUST have: keywords, photos and a call to action. Today I’ll show you exactly what you need to do with those three things to create killer blog posts every time your sit down at your computer.

Creating an Optimized Blog Post

You are able to distinguish good writing from bad. You can read content as it pertains to your business and your brand and you can understand very quickly if the right messages are in the content. The question is whether you can tell if the content is optimized for the search engines, which is also very important to your professional success.

How To Get Powerful Backlinks

It is best to have a handful of genuine backlinks to your site than have hundreds of useless links that not only do your site no good, but can have your site red-flagged by the search engines. I am speaking from a novice point of view. I wish that there were more “experts” telling the truth about the right way to obtain backlinking and the power of doing manual backlinks.

How To Promote Your Blog Effectively

Promotion is a vital part of blogging as it raises your profile, attracts more attention and generates new leads. Here are some promotional tactics that you can easily apply to promote your blog effectively.

How to Use WordPress for Beginners

WordPress is an easy place for beginners or even advanced web users to create cool webpages and websites. Here are a few things even the most novice user can do with this online-based writing platform.

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