October 21, 2022 6:23 am

Dan P. Sg


A Reality Check Is Necessary Before Starting A Home Business

I have helped thousands of people start up their own home-based businesses using the Internet. Over time, I have come to recognize two of the most important factors for identifying people that should NOT start a home-based business.
If a prospective entrepreneur says something like…
“I’m broke and need to make some money…fast!”
“I want to start a home business, but I don’t want to spend anything on it until after I start earning some money.”
…it is certain that they have not “gotten real” and should not attempt to start a home business under either of those conditions. I refer to them as the “death sentences” for starting a home-based business.
Almost equally important is the need to have realistic economic expectations when undertaking a home-based business. There is no magic here, folks. A home-based business provides many rewards such as working in the comfort of your own home, avoiding a stressful commute, being your own boss, setting your own hours, having no dress code, etc., etc., but anyone that is also expecting “instant riches” is sadly mistaken.
There are a tremendous number of home business and work-at-home opportunities offered on the Internet. Many of these are all hype and try to convince you that you will be making huge amounts of money in very little time (you know, stuff like…”you will be making $5,000 per week, and more, in just a few weeks!”). You should avoid these like the plague…if they were for real everyone would be doing it.
Study the opportunities carefully and select the home business opportunity that seems to fit your own particular style or talents. What is a good choice for one person may be a very poor fit for someone else. The common thread that applies to everyone is that you must be “for real” (as indicated above) and the business opportunity itself must be “for real”.

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