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5 Ways to Improve Your Blogging

Blogging is a great way to share information and ideas with the world. Why is it that some blogs never become successful, while others really take off? There are certain elements that can greatly assist you in helping you ensure that yours is in the latter group. This article will give you some valuable tips and tricks to help make your blog become a success story it deserves to be.

Digital Marketing: Why Transparency Is Crucial in Blogging and Marketing

Once upon a time blogging was a cutting edge way for independent writers to air their opinions and personal views on whatever their area of expertise was without a commercial agenda. In recent years, PR companies and big business have jumped on blogging (and content marketing in general) as a means to spread their marketing message to a wider audience and this has led to some unfortunate results for bloggers and the trust that readers have in blogs.

The Implications of The Microblog Takeover

It’s no secret that images convert better than text. Words are at their most evocative when they conjure images in the mind’s eye, but Internet users have notoriously short attention spans.

Blogging – Tired Of Your Blog Being On Page 5 or 10 Of Google?

Are you on page 5 or 10 of Google? We will discuss FREE ways to help get on the first page of Google. Tired of watching videos trying to figure it out? Let us help!

How to Promote Your Blog on Forums

Learn simple tools to promoting your blog on forums. When promoting your blog on forums, make sure the forum has your targeted audience in mind.

Social Media’s Influence on Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is hot and it is definitely something that you need to be concerned with right now. That is, if you have any hope of making your business a raging success. With that in mind, you need to establish where social media fits into your content marketing strategy.

Using WordPress With Your Website

Millions of websites online are powered by WordPress, an application that supports hundreds of functions and files. Though it is free, it has to be installed on a server and configured first. It also has to be updated twice a year…

What To Do If Your Blog Sucks

You have been writing your blog for a while now but it seems like there is no interest. You research and you write and you try but still they do not come. Is it the fact that your blog sucks? What is it that the blogs that are popular have that you don’t? One of the things they have is that their blogs have readers. This is what every blogger wants. This is what every blogger needs! They need readers. So how do we go about getting readers?

How to Make Money Blogging

Would you like to learn how to make money blogging? I can’t say I accuse you. It’s a lucrative method for profiting, from the solace of home, in a moderately short measure of time.

How To Get More Readers, Engagement And Buyers To Your Blog

The blogosphere is a boundless space with newer blogs being added each day. Thus, it can be a real challenge to get your blog to feature at the top of search results. Nevertheless, there are a few simple tips that will drive more readers, engagement and buyers to your blog. We’ve listed 10 tips you could use.

Best Practice For WordPress Comment Spam

When creating websites using the WordPress platform, we remind ourselves and clients that WordPress is developed from a blogging platform, and while that creates wonderful opportunities as a content management system, it also allows those who have the knowledge to leverage the system to attempt to gain an advantage to their end only.

Valuable Blog Content for Your Readers

Blogs are a powerful platform, and when placed into good use, you can gain a lot from your efforts, whether you are doing it for financial or personal reasons. By writing valuable blog content, you will be on the right path to success.

The Importance of Pictures in Blogs

We should now move on to making sure that the visuals are taken care of properly and are effective as the rest of the blogging efforts. Here are some points to consider regarding images in blogs.

How To Be Making At Least $1,000 Monthly From Your Blog

HOW TO MAKE SUSTAINABLE MONEY ONLINE – The truth is that if you really want to make money online, there’s only one way, although that way has many variants. And that way is by selling. If you want to make money online, you must offer something for sale.

How to Make a Profit With Your Blog

Want to Make earnings with Your Blog? Simple suggestions to generate income from your blog, and position it on Google. Should you wish to earn money with your blog, people need to be able to find you on the net.

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