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Moving Forward From Redundancy

Some of us may remember the concept of a job for life, where you worked for a large blue-chip company or solid family business, leaving only due to personal choice or circumstance. Today this is a somewhat alien concept, with many people changing their jobs every three years or so through boredom or redundancy. A job for life is pretty much extinct, with redundancy being an increasingly commonplace occurrence. Let’s look at ways of moving forward from redundancy;

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – U Is For Unleash

How often do you completely let go? In other words, when was the last time you just stopped running on that hamster wheel of life and took a real break from the action? It is important to take time-outs periodically in order to have the opportunity to unleash your inner self.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – T Is For Tribe

Your career journey is not just about the path you set out for yourself but also for the people who you interact with along the way. The issue is that many people think this is a solo adventure but the most successful people realize that their “tribe” is extremely important for them to advance in their career – and their life! This group does not only have to consist of people who you work with like colleagues and bosses but also other influencers in your life.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – S Is For SWOT

Even if they are well thought out, some journeys just do not go smoothly. A person can face some small bumps in the road and others could encounter huge obstacles. This could lead a person to think about these questions – “What do I want to do with my career?

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – R Is For Reboot

When I am conducting trainings in organizational behavior it is always interesting to me that some participants are actually shocked that there are those in the workplace who have no motivation or desire to move up in their organization and/or take on challenging projects. Instead these individuals are content to just do their job each day, collect their paycheck, and that is it. However this can come with some consequences.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – Q Is For Quest

Usually when one thinks about going on a quest, one can envision a romantic or adventurous expedition. However when some think of their career journey, they can only picture a quagmire. So how is it possible to view and more importantly act in a more positive and forward thinking manner?

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – P Is For Playfulness

When one is discussing their career, playfulness is probably never mentioned. However to keep a team engaged, or yourself for that matter, there should be some element of fun. This helps with building a culture of collaboration by socializing with others.

The New School Year Has Started – What Grade Are You In?

I always like September because I feel like it really is the start to the new year. Maybe it is remembering having all new school supplies, lunchbox, clothes, etc. I call it my “new yellow pencil mentality”.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – O Is For Observant

Do you want to achieve greater success in your career? Do you question some of the assignments you take on and do they really help you get ahead? Do you view other people and wonder what they are doing to move up the corporate ladder that maybe you should be doing?

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – N Is For Narrative

We all have a past and with that we all have a story. In telling our narrative to others, some highlight accomplishments while others tend to focus on inconsequential things or even possibly negative ones. These stories do help explain who we are and how we come to certain conclusions on issues.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – M Is For Magical Mindset

When planning a vacation or any type of journey, most people envision what the adventure will be like. This includes attractions and exhibits that one may experience, new foods to eat, and/or interacting with people from other parts of the country and possibly the world. So why is it that when one thinks about their career journey they think and act in a very linear fashion?

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – L Is For Liberating

Some of my coaching clients gripe about developing a career strategy. If they are conducting a full-scale job search, they are even more distraught. A few get completely overwhelmed with the process while others simply procrastinate and hope for the best.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – K Is For Knit

When you start to knit a sweater or scarf, you only have needles and yarn. As each stitch is completed, rows emerge and it starts to take shape. A career journey is very similar in that you start with yourself.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – J Is For Journey

A journey takes time and usually some planning. However, in our instant gratification world today we may find that this journey is taking too long and difficult so we just bail out. This happens very often in one’s job search.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – I Is For Initiate, Imagine, Introspection, and Interact

Far too often my clients tell me that they want to change jobs but there are “no jobs out there”. They then go on to say that they review the job openings online (and maybe even in a newspaper) every day but none pique their interest or fit with their experience or desires. My response is that they are barely doing what they can to get a new position.

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