3 Must Do’s for Pre-Recorded Interview

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – H Is For Habit

Habits are tricky because it can take a long time to acquire a good habit and much harder and longer usually to stop a bad habit. Surprisingly some people have a blind spot to their habits which can frustrate coworkers, family members, and friends. I conduct an exercise where each participant has to text someone to ask them what one of their bad habits is.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – G Is For Grade

When I was in school, there were certain classes I looked forward to getting my grades and others that I wished I could have had a pass/fail grade. I was a good student but certain subjects like trigonometry were just tough. Those tests and quizzes would come back with lots of red marks and a grade that was not to my liking.

ABC’s Of Your Career Journey – F Is For Fulfillment

When I was in high school, I thought I wanted to be a dermatologist. I had a skin condition on my eye lid so my parents took me initially to my general practitioner. When he could not recommend a solution, we then visited an eye doctor who also had no recommendations.

ABC’s Of Your Career Journey – E Is For Evolving

Hiring managers are not looking for same old, same old. A candidate can be in their role for a long time, however, if they have not increased their level of responsibility and/or expanded their duties, they will not be viewed favorably. This is not just about knowing the latest software or a new regulation or an advanced process but instead it is about the person holistically.

ABC’s Of Your Career Journey – D Is For Dare & Doubt

Playing it safe in life is boring. Playing it safe in your career can not only be boring but also catastrophic. What makes life worth living is taking chances and embracing change.

ABC’s Of Your Career Journey – C Is For Contribution

Some could perceive their career journey as one where they only focus on themselves and their goals. However if you analyze highly successful people you will realize that many help to better the lives of others. This can be accomplished in many ways from assisting in a project, report, presentation, etc.

Opportunities Vastly Increase With an RCFE License

Having trouble finding a job in a rewarding field? A profession that allows you to help others but still making a living wage? Do you like caring for others? Do you like to bring joy to other people’s lives? Do you have a way with people? Have you been told you are the best mother, parent, or friend a person could ever have? If so, we know just the industry for you, one, that prides itself on helping people live their lives with dignity. Maybe an RCFE License is in your future? Let’s talk about this for a moment, shall we?

What Is an RCFE License and Why Should I Care?

RCFE stands for Residential Care Facility for the Elderly. RCFE is a special certification in the State of California. These facilities are also called board and care facilities. While other states have followed suit in developing similar licenses and certifications, California’s certification is somewhat unique. Having a certification in another state will not suffice in CA, and CA certifications in this category are not always recognized by other states.

ABC’s Of Your Career Journey – B Is For Blind Spots

Drivers learn that every car has a blind spot so you have to be extra careful when you want to switch lanes or are backing out of a parking space. Many people also have to watch out for blind spots when it comes to their careers. How they perceive themselves may be very different from how others, including bosses, employees, external stakeholders, and colleagues, view them.

ABC’s Of Your Career Journey – A Is For Accomplishments

When I am coaching a client regarding their career or I am reviewing their resume or LinkedIn, I find that most people do not fully embrace their accomplishments. They either downplay them (oh it was not that big of a deal) or they forget to mention them at all. The issue is that no one, including your best advocates, knows you as well as you know yourself so it is important to not only mention your accomplishments to others but position them in a way that others realize that you can succeed in the future.

How To Find a Personal Coach To Help With Your Career

How to upgrade your career (or progress when you’re stuck) with the help of a personal coach. Five directions you can follow for hiring the right coach for your professional life, that will help keep you motivated in your business and help you achieve your goals. If you’re needing a professional coach but don’t know how to go about finding one the 5 tips in this article will help you achieve the goal.

3 Steps to Manifesting the Results You Want

1. Ask for what you want. So many people limit themselves in asking for what they really want.

Six Tips to Prepare for a Trade Show

With shows like CES and NAMM, the beginning of the year kicks off a busy trade show season! As a promotional model or brand ambassador, you will probably at one point or another, get the opportunity to work a trade show. With traditionally longer hours, and a lot of “on your feet” time, these shows are not for the faint of heart! Everyone coming to the convention center or other large hosting arena has almost always paid to be there. Maybe they are there to learn about and experience the hottest new technology in their field. Or perhaps they are seeking a company partnership. At particularly fun tradeshows, such as comic conventions, patrons are there to have a great time and see as much as they can! Whatever the event, it’s going to require a little bit of extra preparedness on your part, so let’s jump right in!

Don’t Let Go When You’re Let Go!

The following story is not my brother in-law’s personal experience, but still somewhat typical in the workplace. George didn’t see it coming. It was Friday afternoon when he was called into the boss’s office and told, “Business has been bad, and we hate to do this, but we’re going to have to let you go.

The Triple Threat

Did any of you watch the TV special that had every young person dreaming of “FAME?” They interviewed and auditioned candidates from the east coast to the west. All of this to find the number one candidate that would possess what they called the triple threat!

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